SmoothTrue Story


 The name SmoothTrue was giving to me, while I was in some type of sleep state. I remember searching for a name for my online site, it had become overwhelming. Out of know where this name SmoothTrue was whispered to me.
The name of my site became specializing in selling the best Handbags. 
We welcome people to for all your stylish needs!! We sell a lot of great low price items you can purchase for your style. I think you will enjoy all the products you find on each and every page.

We created with customers wants and desires in mind. A online retail site where people could enjoy finding the products they would need to complete their look and style.

We thought of as one of their local stores. This is a very good place to sit back and shop, day or night. No rain, no traffic, and no cold weather it’s all done online at home.
Go ahead, look around, and have some fun!
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